Chinese Medicine Consultancy

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Shelley offers her services with costing scaled according to the type of service you choose. From 2019 Sally Coltman is servicing Shelley’s Clients.

Private consultations are time based, and focused on assessing your particular health concerns. A treatment plan is devised and discussed with you to ensure you are clear about Shelley’s analysis and proposed treatment options. Acupuncture may be combined with or without herbs via private consultation.

Private consultations are available in Yamba and Grafton. If you want herbal medicine you MUST have a private consultation for safe prescribing- with herbs posted direct to your address from a dedicated dispensary service.

Community acupuncture occurs at in Yamba . This style of acupuncture allows multiple people to access to lower cost services, shared in a seated arrangement. Privacy is under your control, by choosing to say only what you don’t mind others hearing. Monday in Yamba at Yamba Plaza, Shop 1. Bookings are by appointment , 10 minutes apart . $30 per person.

Coaching Due to her extensive academic teaching career and continuous clinical experience , Shelley is able to offer invaluable clinical training in both acupuncture and individualised Chinese herbal medicine.

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