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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Although called “Chinese”, they are not exclusively from China, and although called “herbs”, they are not exclusively from plants. Most are from plants, some are animal by-products, and some are minerals.
They are herbs that are used according to the system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This system uses a diagnostic method that gathers information through analysing the pulse and tongue (among other things) and diagnoses according to TCM theory. The treatment is then based on the TCM diagnosis, not a western biomedical disease.
This is not a problem. Tell the practitioner and they can select only plant herbs.
The traditional pharmacopoeia historically used these products. In the 21st century these products are forbidden by law. Just as substitutions can be made for vegetarians, these traditional herbs are now replaced with other herbs with similar effects. Their use is no longer required.
Shelley  retired her raw herbs in 2014. Replacing them are herbs that have already been pre-cooked and dehydrated. You don’thave to cook them yourself. Additionally she accesses an on-line dispensary that can also supply liquid – glycerine attracted herbs  for even more convenience. Just a few droppers full, 3 times a day straight into the mouth- how quick is that?!
These pre-prepared herbs have overcome the bad taste reputation that raw herbs have.
Side effects are unwanted symptoms. If the herbs are prescribed according to a TCM diagnosis, then there should be no adverse reactions.

Sometimes as the body adjusts back towards health, there may be some slight, but predictable effects that the practitioner will explain to you.

Shelley no longer stocks a full working raw herbs dispensary. However, you can still have the ritual of preparing the granule herbs in a special way- by making enough one night for the next day.  Shelley will explain how, if you choose to use granules .  Many granules have the fragrance of raw herbs , but clearly not the texture . Sorry about this, but too few people wanted raw herbs this century.