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Dr Shelley L. Beer is now sailing full time overseas. Sally Coltman is available to see any clients in Yamba or Grafton.

( I can send her your file notes)

Community Open Group acupuncture-

Yamba Mondays ( 84 Yamba St)

BY APPOINTMENT only , please ring Sally on 0402 242 450.

Express acupuncture sitting in chairs . Very suitable to treat people suffering all types of pain; respiratory, digestive, sleeping disorders; menstrual irregularities and pain, mental/ emotional flat moods- using the Richard Tan Balance method of acupuncture. $30 per person- cash at the time of the appointment.

Private consultations

If you prefer private consultations please ring Sally for appointments in Grafton & Yamba

Coaching Program

Due to her extensive clinical experience, Shelley has a wealth of knowledge that she’s offering to share. If you value formalised support, please click the red button above left (Coaching) for more information. This is still available remotely with Shelley . +33 781 501 767 or via email for initial contact.